Traveling to distant countries and discovering new cultures! Exploring historical sites and ancient ruins! All of this individual, flexible, exciting and informative! This is mundoido!

The audio guides of mundoido take you on an archeological journey through the cultures of the world!

Exciting historical backgrounds and fascinating excursions, carefully researched by archaeologists and historians, put you back in time! Authentic soundscapes, interviews with experts, detailed photos and high-quality maps enrich the audio tour and provide information on the highest level! Your view is always free for the architecture and art on the spot!

With the mundoido - Audioguide App, history comes alive - almost as if you had been there yourself!

And this is how it works:
Download the mundoido - App via Internet on your smartphone or tablet before your journey or just before visiting the archeological site. Now the audio guide for the visit of your chosen destination is available offline. After the visit, the audio guide can be deleted, but it is free be restored at any time.

With mundoido, you can become an explorer yourself  - `dip into the cultures of the world and experience History in the Ear!