We are specialized in archaeological tourist destinations all over the world. Our international authors are generally studied scientists working in the respective cultural environment and research. The audioguide tours are avaiable in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian and translated by qualified translators. The mundoido editorial team takes over the editing, final scripting and audio production in a professional recording studio.

Willingly, we also develop our audio programs in cooperation with local cultural institutions such as museums, monasteries, archaeological sites and parks and institutes. Are you interested in working with mundoido, to realize an audio project by your own scientific authorship or to recommend a site for developing a mundoido audio guide, feel free to contact us via
As a partnering organization, you receive part of the revenue. These normally should be used for future delivery, education and cross-cultural management of the site.

We select projects on the basis of their cultural significance and uniqueness. In addition to large and famous archaeological landmarks is intended also to include smaller and less visited sites within the program over time. Due to the more secluded location and few visitors especially these small sites offer a particularly authentic experience with the history and past.

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